Dr. Kelly above with the creator of
Zoom! bleaching, Dr. Dorfman, the
dentist behind Extreme Dental
Dr. Kelly, DDS
About ZOOM! bleaching:

In-office bleaching with Zoom! is very attractive
to adults who are less motivated, have little
time, and/ or decide the last-minute.  Also, it is
perfect for people who desire to look their best
with a beautiful/ gorgeous, white smile, whether
there is an up-coming wedding, an important
public speech, or a theatrical play to attend or
To prepare for Zoom! bleaching, the patient will
first have a thorough dental exam to make sure
the patient is cavity-free.  Then, the patient will
be evaluated for the restorations in the mouth.  
Zoom! bleaching does not whiten any
restorations including fillings, caps, or dentures.
 A dental cleaning will take place after the
necessary x-rays have been taken.  After a
dental cleaning and exam, if the patient does
not need any restorations, the patient may
schedule for in-office bleaching.

Note: some patients may experience sensitivity
to a one-time bleaching event than others.  A
consultation after the dental cleaning + exam
will determine if this is the right procedure for
the patient.  Dr. Kelly's patients who have
undergone this treatment have been extremely
satisfied with their teeth turning at least two
shades lighter.